“A brilliant book on finding your riot, diving into uncertainty, and coming out on the other side with a life full of purpose and meaning.”

 Jamie Drummond, Co-Founder ONE Campaign

“Dillon channels the heart cry of a generation who wants to live lives of meaning and hope, but don’t know how. With an artist’s craft, he draws the reader in through stories of everyday people who have found a way to live their soul dream. He invites us to consider how in giving we will gain, and to join a global tribe of doers, not talkers.”

—Jacquelline Fuller, president of Google.org and Google Foundation


“We children of the 70s know nothing is more punk rock than standing up for the disenfranchised. The seeds of rebellion are planted in a search for meaning. What drives the chords and the snare beats is a desire to matter. Dillion illustrates through his vivid storytelling how so many have discovered their inner punk rocker in working for change, and provides a guide for all generations to look inside ...  and find a riot of our own.”  

—Kelly Flynn, creator and executive producer of CNN Heroes


“Energizing. Infecting. Exciting. We’re all made for something bigger than ourselves. But, over time, comparison and comfort dull our dreams of leaving the world better than what we’re born into. With the voice of a poet and seasoned sage, Justin Dillon reminds us that world change isn’t just for the experts or the experienced; it’s born from ordinary people whose gifts and passions collide with injustice and combust into unstoppable action. A Selfish Plan to Change the World is a helpful road map to a rising generation of change-makers.”

—Louie Giglio, pastor of Passion City Church and author of Goliath Must Fall


"In a time where fear and cynicism conspire to extinguish hope and divide our world, Dillon provokes a paradigm shift that unifies and equips a generation in its pursuit of justice, meaning and legacy. An inspiring read!” 

-Gary A. Haugen, Founder & CEO of International Justice Mission; Best-Selling Author of The Locust Effect

“Having a desire to be part of solutions that heal this broken world is essential, but insufficient. We need wisdom and guidance. Justin offers both, weaving helpful perspective and brilliant insight inside of story. If you want to help change the world, this book is a great place to start.”

—Wm. Paul Young, New York Times bestselling author of The Shack


“How does the denizen of a very small world (a little slice of the California music scene) decide to, and then, change the whole big world? Justin Dillon explains how this happens, but not because he is some sort of special hero. If anything, Justin is exemplary in his ordinariness. Like Everyman, like the Pilgrim who made Progress, he confronted hard truths about the world and himself, and came out the same but very different. A Selfish Plan to Change the World is more than his path, it’s what we all have to decide about who we are and what we’re going to do with our lives. No preaching, no ego, no whining, no knocking you over the head with guilt or sadness, just an inspiring and clear path to a life of meaning—for all of us. And Justin, he’s just a guy … but what a guy!”

—Kevin Bales, cofounder of Free the Slaves


“Writing from the front lines of activism, Justin Dillon challenges and inspires us to each fight for change. His dream is for a generation to find their riot and change the world.” 

—Luis Cdebaca, ambassador at large to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons (Obama Administration)


“Justin is proof that anybody can change the world. I would read this even if I wasn’t Justin’s friend.”

—Leif Coorlim, executive editor at CNN International


“If you ever felt that your planned path lacked meaning, Justin shows you how to follow your purpose, explore an uncharted path, and live your dream while doing good for others. Powerful.”

—Alex Atzberger, president of SAP Ariba


“Justin’s extraordinary book and work represent a new way to look at things. He offers to all of us the opportunity to effectively make changes and live with purpose.”

—Federica  Marchionni, executive business leader